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There are now over 10,000 step descriptions and instructional videos for over 700 line dances in the Archives! Subscribe TODAY!

Gloria has her own website now at . Check it out when you get a chance. You will find step sheets for all of her dances, and a video clip for many of them. We will be adding more video clips as we film them.

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Dance Archives: Welcome


We are rather proud of the many different awards we have begun receiving from the Internet community for the Country Time web site. These awards are listed below with a brief explanation or comment about each. If you "click" on the award icon, you will link with that award's homepage or web site somewhere on the World Wide Web.

We are especially proud of the comments which we have received from those folks who use the site, the country music dancers, instructors, and choreographers from around the world. Some of these folks access this site here in Central Florida from such countries as Japan, Great Britain, New Zealand, Wales, Germany, Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Korea, and of course, the United States. The Internet... it's an amazing thing, isn't it.

To all of you, the commercial sites and award committees, and especially our friends around the world, we thank you.


"Dusty, this site is great! You've put in a bunch of hours, and it shows! Keep up the good work!" - Jo Thompson - Nashville, Tennessee

Starting Point Hot Site Award
An award based on votes by users, and tallied by Starting Point. The Country Time site was listed on the Starting Point web site in the New section and Starting Point users were asked to review the site and vote accordingly. The Country Time site review was featured on November 6, 1997.
"Really great site! Heaps of good dances similar to what we are doing in Australia. I will be a regular visitor." - Bronwyn Stone - Wangaratta, Victoria, AUS "This is an excellent site. I just found it and it's great! I can't wait to tell my friends about it!" - Ginger Harris - Port Huron, Michigan "I live in Australia and I found your GREAT web page the other day while I was surfing the net for some LD sites... I'VE FOUND ONE!" - Warren Hook - Mawarra Public School, Camden, NSW, AUS

The Critical Mass Award
Award for design and content.
Criteria: Site must have information of interest to a large number of people using the Internet. Information must be free, and design of the site must be "user-friendly".

"Like the site is GREAT! I am going to link your page from mine!" - Jim & Tina Ray (Jim's Place) - Clovis, California
"Your web site is a great contribution to the success and future of country-western dancing. Thanks for the obvious effort and time that the two of you devote to it." - Pete & Alice Voeller - Sarasota, Florida "I like the way this web site is set up. It's easy to go right to the section I want. I look forward to visiting it many times." - Patrick Gallow (Lakehead University) Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada "Believe me, I'm going to spread the word and site to all my friends!" - Sherry Blackburn - Kettering, Ohio

"I love your web site!" - Raissa Satola - Randolph, New Jersey

Komando Kool Site Award 
Award for design and content from Kim Komando, a commentator for the Fox Broadcasting System. "Your web site is very fascinating!" - Sue Nicolucci for the Komando Award Committee
"I love this web site. Many times I have found dances that I could not find anywhere else. I visit your site often. I hope you keep this web site running forever." - Jan Johnpier - Wilson, NY "Found this site by accident but now check in weekly! Thank you for being available. Trust me... you will be utilized by our (dance) group." - Judi Mott - Manchester, Connecticut "Love your page! Give me a few days and you will have a link on Max's site!" - Dawn Snyder (Max Perry Productions)

Family Friendly Award
Award for design and site content.
Web site must be open to children with no adult theme, content, language, or other indecency

"Thanks for adding my dance to your archives. I really appreciate it. Take care and I love the new web page!" - Helen Hargnett - Orlando, Florida
"The best and friendliest site I have seen. You are my source for most of the new stuff (dances) I introduce." - Carole Tuthill - Summerfield, Florida "Visiting from the Outback Linedancing Club here in the gold capital of Australia. Like your site and will check in to obtain new dances as we need them. Thank you for your service" - Joe Baker - Kalgoorlie, Australia "I am grateful that you work so hard to put all this on the net. It is greatly appreciated. My teachers love the dances I download. I shall visit your site often." - Irene Kiener - Welling, Kent, UK
"Put me on your mailing list! I will be visiting this site again, and again!" - Angela Prince - Uneeda, WV The Noteworthy Award
Award for design and content with the requirement that the site be friendly to children. NOTE: by "Friendly to children" the award committee requires that the site contain no graphic violence, nudity, pornography, indecent language, etc. and be accessible to children with a content of interest to all ages.
"We enjoy your site very much and have taught several of your dances. Keep up the good work." - Ron & Sandy Schessler - Waukesha, Wisconsin "This is the best site I have found on-line" - Lisa Wells - Brevard, North Carolina "Saw your web site while browsing Don Deyne's site. Looks great! Keep up the good work!" - Ron & Claudette Holda - Titusville, Florida



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