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Welcome to the Archives 

The site is changing, and we are not done! (Updated: 15 JAN 2017)

WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING!: Several years ago, we decided to totally redesign the site and expand it. We hope you like the new style as we work to redesign the Archives to allow you to cross-reference between the choreographers, their dances, and the music for those dances. It is going to take us many, many months to accomplish what we are setting out to do as we are hand-coding each and every page instead of using a database. As we work, we are updating the list of dances for each choreographer, double checking each of their dance step descriptions, and setting up the music for each of those dances. Its a labor intensive process. For example, updating Guyton Mundy  with as many dances as we have in our archives, and double checking and correcting each of those dances took three days. Now we have to go back and set up pages for each of the songs and set up the link between the dance and the song. But that's not all... For each song, we also have to look that music up on iTunes and Amazon and create the links to allow you to buy that music.


We are changing some areas and adding several new areas including:

  • MP3 Shopper & More - We have come to an agreement with Amazon.com and this section is being reactivated. We are also expanding the section to allow for searches for digital (mp3) music, vinyl records, movies, electronics, and musical equipment.

  • Music Lists - A cross reference area where you can look up song titles and find dances in our Archives for that piece of music. Each song will have it's own page with links to the choreographer's pages and to sites where you can buy the mp3s listed legally and download them to your hard drive. Some folks like iTunes and others like Amazon, so depending on your preference, you should be able to find most of the music you need. Additionally, every main menu page for an alphabetical section has a search screen for iTunes and there is a master Amazon.com page (Click on the MP3 Shopper & More button on the left or the MP3 Shopper tab at the top).

  • Choreographers - In this area, you will be able to look up the choreographer alphabetically and find any information we have such as how to contact them, the URL address for their website, and a listing of any and all dances by that choreographer in our Archives.

  • The Archives - As we rebuild and expand the over 11,000 dances in our Archives, each step sheet will be changed to allow you to cross-reference to the choreographer's page and the music for that dance.

  • Instructors - This area is totally new and not yet built, but will allow you to find instructors in a state or providence who submit their information to us. Here we will be building a small independent database and adding a form to allow instructors to submit their information directly into the database.

Special Notes


Gloria now has her own website at www.gloriajohnson.us. You can find step sheets for ALL of her dances there PLUS video demos for many of those dances.

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